How A Chiropractor Can Help You With Weight Loss: Customized Plans For Success

You've probably tried several different weight loss methods without much success. Maybe you've even worked with a personal trainer or nutritionist in the past but still haven't been able to reach your goals. Thankfully, a chiropractor can help. They can provide you with customized weight loss plans that are tailored specifically to your needs and goals. In addition, they can offer regular check-ins and support to help keep you on track. Read More 

Dry Needling Might Help Your Muscle Pain

If you're having trouble with muscle pain and stiffness, you might want to consider dry needling as a treatment. Your chiropractor or a physical therapist might administer the treatment that looks similar to having acupuncture done, but is a different type of therapy. Here's what you should know. Dry Needling Targets Muscle Trigger Points Trigger points are painful spots in your muscles that are often caused by spasms. While acupuncture targets energy meridians, dry needling targets these sore spots in your muscles. Read More