4 Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Therapy

If you experience chronic back and neck aches, you probably understand how incapacitating it can be. The pain prevents you from getting a good night's sleep and managing normal life routines like sitting at your desk or working out. If this sounds familiar, you could try spinal decompression, a non-invasive method that relieves pressure off spinal discs and nerves to promote healing. This piece will discuss the benefits of spinal decompression therapy. 

1. Non-Invasive Option 

When pain medication and corticosteroid injections fail to meet your expectations, you might think that surgical intervention is the only last remaining resort. Undoubtedly, surgical treatments such as spinal fusions and discectomy surgeries provide lasting solutions. But there's a downside; surgery is invasive, expensive, and takes a lot of time to heal. 

Before the surgery, it wouldn't hurt to give non-surgical decompression therapy a try. Many patients experience pain relief after a few therapy sessions. The method works on the spine, slowly giving the bulging discs enough space to slip back into their relevant positions. Therefore, you might not need surgical intervention in the end if this treatment option helps address the problem.

2. No Medication Required 

Pain medicine is a common way to manage back and neck aches. Unfortunately, the method hardly addresses the source of pain and is, therefore, short-lasting. There's also the risk of getting addicted to the medicine the more you rely heavily on them for pain relief. Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy works with or without pain medication. The method allows the body to heal naturally by repositioning the discs and allowing blood to flow to the spinal area. 

3. Effective for a Wide Variety of Conditions 

When patients go to a specialist with neck and back problems, they usually don't know what causes the problem. It could be sciatica, bulging discs, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, or arthritis. Spinal decompressions treat a wide variety of ailments. The specialist will examine you, identify the problem's source, and find a treatment technique that works for you. 

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Spinal decompression is one of the most affordable treatment options. Surgery is often expensive and invasive. It takes time to recover, which might cost you downtime from missing work and financial opportunities. If you want an affordable and quick solution, consider decompression therapy. 

The back is your body's support system. Therefore, if it develops problems, you may not manage your daily functions. However, these are reasons to consider non-surgical decompression therapy for your back and neck pains. For more information on spinal decompression therapy, contact a professional near you.