Dry Needling Might Help Your Muscle Pain

If you're having trouble with muscle pain and stiffness, you might want to consider dry needling as a treatment. Your chiropractor or a physical therapist might administer the treatment that looks similar to having acupuncture done, but is a different type of therapy. Here's what you should know.

Dry Needling Targets Muscle Trigger Points

Trigger points are painful spots in your muscles that are often caused by spasms. While acupuncture targets energy meridians, dry needling targets these sore spots in your muscles. The idea is similar to trigger point massage or foam rolling. By applying pressure or needle pricks to a sore spot, the muscle releases tension, improves range of motion, and has less pain.

The Treatment Uses Thin Dry Needles

The needles are referred to as dry because they don't deliver fluid or medication. The effect is from the prick of the needle in the painful area of the muscle. The chiropractor or therapist uses new, sterile needles for each person and wipes the area of your skin to be punctured with alcohol so there is no risk of infection.

There Are Different Methods For Dry Needling

There are a few approaches to dry needling. The chiropractor or therapist might insert the needle directly into the sore muscle spot and leave the needle for a predetermined time before removing it. They might also use needles to surround the painful area while avoiding the trigger spot. The chiropractor or therapist might even insert the needle and pull back on it a few times to get the response they're looking for.

Dry Needling Can Be A Little Uncomfortable

Since your muscle is already sore, poking it with a needle can be uncomfortable. Your muscle might spasm in response to the poke, and that makes your pain temporarily worse. The soreness might even last a day or so, but when it goes away, you might notice a decrease in your pain and an increase in your mobility. However, it could take a few more treatments to get good results.

Dry Needling Is Usually Done With Other Therapies

Your chiropractor may want you to undergo other therapies at the same time you have dry needling treatments. This might include things like physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic adjustments.

Dry needling can be done for a variety of conditions on your neck, back, and other body parts. It could be an effective way to release muscle spasms and reduce pain. In addition, the treatments might speed your recovery if your pain is caused by an injury.