what pain can be treated with chiropractic treatments?

What Conditions Can A Chiropractor Treat For Children?

Chiropractic treatment has traditionally been provided for adults. However, many people are unaware of how beneficial chiropractic care can actually be for younger patients as well. Chiropractors often treat children for many of the common health issues that are normally treated with prescription medications. These are some of the health conditions chiropractors can treat for children. Problems With The Ears  Many people suffer from chronic ear problems from the time they are infants until they are young adults. Read More 

4 Little-Known Ways A Chiropractor Visit Can Improve Your Health

When you bring up the subject of chiropractic treatments, most people believe the only reason to get such a treatment is if you have back problems. But, this isn't the case. The majority of the population have no idea that chiropractic care is very important for total health and wellness. In fact, there are so many wonderful benefits to receiving chiropractic treatments that over 27 million Americans receive them every year. Read More 

Lower Back Pain Treatment: 5 Solutions for Retail Workers

If you work in a retail environment, chances are you're standing, bending and stretching for several hours a day. For many retail workers, chronic back pain is an ongoing issue. Fortunately, lower back pain in retail workers may easily treated by following ergonomic measures at work and through simple stretching exercises. If lower back pain exists, other measures that may help include the use of electrical stimulation and physical therapy. Read More 

Back Pain Have Your Doctors Stumped? You May Have One Of These Rarer Conditions

If every doctor you go to for your back pain is left scratching their head in confusion, you may be dealing with more than just a typical pulled muscle or misaligned vertebrae. Patients with obscure back problems can often suffer for long periods before finally receiving the right diagnosis, so if you haven't been able to get a respite from your pain, it may be time to consider one of these rare conditions. Read More 

3 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Spine

Spine health is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of personal health. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy spine is easy with a few daily lifestyle changes. Here are three tips that you can use to keep your spine as healthy as possible. Stretch and Exercise Daily Prolonged immobility while sitting or standing is one of the most dangerous threats to spine health. While practicing good posture will help to stave off the negative effects of immobility, regular stretches and simple exercises are the best way to stay flexible and minimize the risk of spine injury. Read More