Were You Injured In An Auto Accident? Here Are Three Types Of Injuries A Chiropractor Can Treat

Auto accidents are among the leading causes of injuries. Every year, many people suffer life-altering injuries after car accidents, and these can take years to heal. If you don't handle the injuries well during the recovery process, you might end up with permanent disabilities. Some conventional ways of treating injuries include physiotherapy, surgery, and medications for pain relief.

The problem with these conventional ways of dealing with pain is that, with time, your body can start resisting the pain medication. The more you increase the dosage of pain medication, the more dependent your body becomes, not to mention the side effects of the painkillers. It would be best to look for natural and holistic treatment alternatives for the problem. Here are three types of car accident injuries that a chiropractor can help you recover from.

1. When You Have a Whiplash Injury

When a vehicle is in motion, your body is also in motion. When the car is forced to stop by a collision, the seatbelt does a great job at stopping your motion. However, your body is still jerked forwards or backwards, depending on whether the collision is head-on or the vehicle rear-ended you.

In the process, your neck muscles might get torn. The discs on the upper part of the spine might also get herniated, and when this happens, you will have trouble moving your neck or turning around. A competent chiropractor will re-align your herniated discs, and help you heal from all the muscle injuries that might have resulted from the injury.

2. When You Experience Neck and Shoulder Pain

You can suffer neck and shoulder injuries from an accident, even when the car was moving at a low speed. These injuries could lead to debilitating pain and adversely affect your life. Undergoing surgery to fix the problem is tricky because it can lead to bigger issues such as paralysis.

Chiropractors treatment methods are non-invasive, and they don't pose any risk to your health. Often, with a few sessions, your pain will be decrease, and you will be able to continue with your daily activities.

3. When You Have Knee Injuries

When a vehicle stops suddenly, you are thrust against the dashboard. Your knees might get injured in the process, limiting your ability to move. Massage therapy and re-alignment by a chiropractor will help you heal faster from the knee pain.

These are three of the many types of car accident injuries a chiropractor can treat. Contact a reputable chiropractor near you for auto accident treatment.