Three Things You’re Getting Wrong About The Causes Of Your Neck Pain (And How To Counter Them)

It's a fairly common condition that most people will deal with at some point, but nagging neck pain can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Because so many people suffer from it, there's a wealth of information and misinformation about beck pain and its causes. Here's a look at three things you're probably getting wrong about neck pain (and the truth behind them).

#1 Since your job isn't physically demanding, that's clearly not the source of your neck pain

Of course, jobs that have a lot of heavy lifting and constant motion are major culprits in a lot of neck pain, but an office job can just as easily be at fault. Maintaining bad posture (like slouching or twisting) for hours on end can cause discomfort because your neck is bent for the majority of the day.

The average weight of a human head is 10-12 pounds, and if it's tilted at an angle, the weight is magnified to as much as 50 pounds. That's why many people deal with "text neck" from constantly staring at their mobile phones all day.

How to counter it: Make sure you're keeping an upright posture while you work.

#2: Neck pain is just a part of getting older

Sure, many people do see an increase in aches and pains as they age, but not every older person has neck pain, so it's not an absolute that it comes with age. It is true that some neck pain is genetic, but don't assume all neck pain is simply "how it is."

How to counter it: Get medical care if you're experiencing pain! Avoiding the problem will only make it worse no matter what the cause.

#3: Most neck pain will end in surgery

A lot of people are intimidated by neck pain and scared to say anything about it because they don't want to face surgery. Surgery is actually the last resort though for most people suffering from neck pain. There are lots of other options, including chiropractors, that provide perfectly effective treatment without the risk or recovery tied to surgery.

How to counter it: Don't automatically think you'll need surgery! Chat with a local chiropractor, and you might find yourself feeling better than you have in years.

In short, neck pain is something a lot of people live with, but it's not something people have to live with. Simply straightening up at work can mitigate a lot of your pain, but if that's not your cause, it might be as simple as a visit to a neck and back pain professional. For more information about your neck pain, reach out to a local professional, like Eric Schmetterling DC.