Physical Therapy With A Chiropractor Can Help Those With Whiplash After A Tackle

Horseplay with friends, such as playful tackles from behind, is usually safer to do when a person is younger. As an individual ages, their body won't resist this kind of impact as well as it did when they were a kid. Unfortunately, they may even experience whiplash, a condition that can get worse if they don't get high-quality physical therapy with a chiropractor right away.

Whiplash Can Be Very Painful

Although whiplash is an injury most commonly experienced during a car crash, it can occur in many different people. For example, a person who is tackled from behind as a joke may experience extreme forward and backward movement on their neck that may trigger whiplash. And when this happens, a person's neck is going to experience a lot of consistent and persistent pain.

This injury can cause an individual to struggle to turn their neck, bend down, or even sleep at night. Even worse, some people may let whiplash become a more persistent issue, one that can spread throughout their neck and back and cause a myriad of other problems. Thankfully, physical therapy with a chiropractor can help to manage this pain and provide a person with extra neck strength.

How Physical Therapy With a Chiropractor Helps

Physical therapy requires the careful strengthening of damaged parts of the body using various types of exercises and routines. For example, a chiropractor can work on the injured muscles of an individual with whiplash. They will identify where the pain originated and use a myriad of different massages and manipulations to provide extra strength and support in the muscles near this injured area.

And while providing this care, a chiropractor can also adjust other injured areas in a person's back to prevent more damage. For example, worsening whiplash may put a strain on the neck that causes nerves in the spine to get pinched. With careful chiropractic manipulation of the muscles and the spinal cord, a chiropractor can remove this pressure and keep their patients from further injury.

This type of treatment typically requires a few months of care to finish correctly. This step is crucial because it helps to ensure that an individual with whiplash can overcome this condition. And during treatment, they can also learn whether or not they should continue their physical horseplay with friends and family members. If not, they'll need to talk to them about this to ensure that they don't experience another injury.

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