Unexpected Ways That You Can Crank Your Back And Cause Pain

One of the challenges of having back pain is that just when you begin to experience a reduction in your discomfort, the pain can quickly come back. In many cases, you may be completely unaware of what action has caused your back pain to return — but at other times, the cause will be evident. One of the challenges that you'll face is that you can worsen your back pain in a number of somewhat bizarre ways. If you're able to identify some of the unexpected ways that you can crank your back and cause pain, you can seek to avoid or manage them.


Most people can sneeze a few times a day without any side effects, but this simple action can be problematic for those who have back pain. The whiplash-like movement of your upper body when you sneeze can be so violent that it jerks your back forward and causes discomfort. It's difficult to avoid sneezing when you feel the urge, but by being aware that sneezing can contribute to back pain, you can take care to manage the situation. For example, holding your body more upright, rather than allowing your head to lunge forward quickly, can reduce the whiplash movement that you experience.

Turning Before Moving Your Feet

Another issue that you may encounter when you're already dealing with back pain is noticing that is has worsened because of how you've turned your body. It's understandable that bending or twisting dramatically can cause pain, but you might also encounter a situation in which you begin to move but your feet stay still. For example, if you wear shoes with grippy soles in the house, and turn to begin walking somewhere, your upper body can get ahead of your feet for just a fraction of a second because your shoes are firmly on the floor. This can, unfortunately, be enough to tweak your back. Wearing your socks instead of shoes can actually prevent this issue.


Getting into a hot bath can make your sore back muscles feel better, but the problem with this activity is that bathtubs aren't built to allow for proper posture. If you spend a long time in the tub, your back will be bent and you may end up with pain by the time your bath is done. In many cases, you'll be better off taking a hot shower. The hot water and the pressure from the showerhead can still help your back pain, and your upright posture won't worsen it.

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