See A Chiropractor If You Experience These ATV-Related Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents that leave you requiring the care of a health practitioner don't only occur when you're in a car on the road. There are several other types of vehicles that can leave you nursing anything from a minor injury to a serious one. All-terrain vehicles can provide you with countless hours of fun, especially if you have a large property or live within a short vicinity to such an environment. However, there's also a risk of injury every time you sit on one of these vehicles. While urgent injuries following an accident may land you in the hospital, here are some types of accidents for which chiropractic care is a good idea:


Rolling or flipping your ATV is one of the most serious types of accidents you can have on this vehicle. This is especially true if you're trapped beneath the ATV, as all of its weight can put severe pressure on your body and leave you hurt. Such weight and pressure can easily knock your back out of alignment, even if you're able to crawl out from under the ATV with the belief that you got away lucky. Your symptoms may not be immediately apparent, but an assessment and subsequent adjustments from your local chiropractor can prevent this accident from taking its toll on you in the near future.

Crash Landings

If you're the type of daring ATV rider who often seeks out elevation changes that you can zoom over, you might occasionally have some rough landings. Sometimes, you may actually get thrown off the vehicle; other times, you may simply get jostled but remain in your seat. Either type of landing has the potential to harm your body. The jostling of the impact can hurt your neck or back. Even if you feel fine at the time, the pain may be evident later in the day.

Sudden Stop/Start

While not technically an accident, it's easy to fall into the habit of driving your ATV in somewhat of an aggressive manner, which can include plenty of quick stops and starts. Each can be fun because of the dirt that your rugged wheels kick up, but this type of behavior can also take its toll on your body. Each time you stop and start your off-road vehicle aggressively, you're putting your body through a minor whiplash movement. Even if you don't feel pain, your spine could be jerked out of alignment and require chiropractic care.

Contact a chiropractor for help and assistance with your ATV or car accident injury.