2 Ways To Treat Vertigo

Vertigo is more than just a good Alfred Hitchcock movie. It's a legitimate medical problem. It's a problem with your inner ear. Your inner ear controls your balance, so if there are any problems inside the inner ear, you will end up feeling dizzy, wobbly, and possibly nauseated. The most common kind of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. This kind of vertigo is generally caused by tiny little calcium crystals that get trapped in your inner ear and cause you to have problems. If you have vertigo, you won't want to go through your life feeling dizzy and off-balance, so you need to come up with something that you can do to feel better. 

Particle Repositioning Movements

One treatment for vertigo, especially BPPV is a particular set of repositioning movements. The goal behind these movements is to get the crystals in your inner ear to move back to where they should be. Once they are settled and back where they should be, your vertigo should calm back down and let you get back on with life. The most common of these movements is called the Epley maneuver. When you do these movements, you are going to move your head in a particular series of movements. Those movements should ideally be done by your doctor or your physical therapist, although if this is something that you get a lot, you may want to ask them to tell you how to do them safely. 


Another option is to visit a chiropractor. There is some evidence that chiropractic treatment can be helpful to people who suffer from vertigo if they have had no luck with other treatments. The chiropractor can help you with the various positional movements to help get your balance back. That's not all they can do. Your chiropractor can help you by giving you various adjustments and manipulations. Those manipulations can help to "reset" your nerve pathways so that you can get your balance back as well as helping you feel better and more grounded while you are waiting for your vertigo to completely go away. 

If you suffer from vertigo, you know that there are times when you just feel like the world is spinning around you and you can't make it stop. There are various things that you can do that will help you feel better and get your balance back and you on your feet so that you can get back to your life.